St Clare's Church in the Parish of Great Aycliffe.

Team Rector: Revd. Christopher Pearson

Telephone 01325 789439

or the Parish Office (Monday Mornings) 01325 321711

Curate: Revd. Debbie Loughran 01325 310767



Welcome to St Clare’s in the heart of Newton Aycliffe

We are part of the Church of England Parish of Great Aycliffe. Our parish website is available on St Clare’s aims to be a lively and welcoming church community. Following Jesus in our world today means: (please click on the links below to be taken to the right page for you).

Worshipping God

Understanding our faith

  • Start course

  • Fellowship group

Being hospitable and serving others

Enriching every important stage in life

We do what we do because of our desire to be faithful to the Christian faith and live out that faith in a way that is authentic and meaningful for today and to be a blessing to everyone in our town.


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